The Light Will Shine Upon You for A Better Future.

To embrace local society and create a loving place.

Our Objectives

To pass on the knowledge to individuals on how to be relieved from hardships & sufferings; simultaneously acquire the skills to cope with their current living and are able to be independent and self-sufficient in the future.

To educate people to be survivors and do well in the long run, instead of being dependent on society’s aids which may be for short term or often on ad hoc basis only.

Founder’s Message

Good-Day Everyone,

We believe that by now, most of you have heard of our Persatuan Kebajikan Bunga Matahari Kuala Lumpur also known as Sunflower Charity (向日葵慈善团), which was established in 2019 by Andrew Cheah Hwa Kong, Dato’ Dr Chin Yew Sin, Looi Mun Fei, Katherine Ng Ah Lai, Lee Wei Ling, Lam Chew Yean, Sunny Leong and Tan Cherp Buay. 

Before the official forming of this organisation, Sunflower Charity (向日葵慈善团) had started its charity projects, programmes and activities since 2013 on a small scale. We hope the society will open up its heart in accepting Sunflower Charity (向日葵慈善团) and understanding our vision, mission and objectives.

Andrew Cheah Hwa Kong (安sir)

What We Do

Sunflower Charity KL (向日葵慈善团) is committed to safeguard vulnerable people, the destitute and homeless who are in need of care and protection.  We also support them in their development and seek to reconcile and reunite them with their families.


Persatuan Kebajikan Bunga Matahari Kuala Lumpur

Unit F-G-G/2 Connaught Avenue, Taman Bukit Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

012-722 7930

[email protected]